Join Girl Scouts – All Abilities

Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta is currently recruiting girls to join Girl Scouts – this means ALL girls – regardless of any challenges they face. We believe the social skills that girls gain by being part of the only organization FOR GIRLS and BY GIRLS is an invaluable activity – especially for girls in underserved groups. 

Troop 16537 is a troop led by several moms of special needs children. We believe that all girls should have the opportunity to make friends and have the experiences of Girl Scouts. We meet girls where they are – and build relationships and social skills along the way. Our troop is comprised of about 30 girls right now – and about half of those are on the autism spectrum or have other special needs.

We currently run FIVE meetings a month:

1st and 3rd Monday of the month from 630-730 – usually in Mill Creek area will be outside while weather is good!  Masks required whether indoors  or outdoors. 

1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month from 630-730 – location TBD – previously at JoAnn in Duluth – will be outdoors while the weather is good now – we are scouting locations that are safe for indoor meetings now. Masks required whether indoors or outdoors. This meeting is the meeting where we focus on adapting our badge work for our girls who have special needs – however all girls are welcome to attend EITHER meeting and we will always adapt to our girls! 

Wednesday Usually 2nd Weds. 630-730 – One meeting a month via ZOOM for girls who prefer to be remote!

Traditionally we have one field trip a month – but we are currently evaluating safe field trips and will offer them when appropriate and SAFE. We like to offer many, varied experiences rather than ONE BIG EVENT – because we know you can’t always attend every event. We feel that offering different opportunities gives everyone more of a chance to participate. 
Watch this link for some examples of some fun we’ve had the past two years.

If you have insurance through Amerigroup, Caresource, Peach State or Well Care your membership is FREE. You can also apply for membership financial aid to cover the cost of joining. The cost to join is $25 annually and we request $5 a meeting to cover badges and crafts.

Please reach out to if you would like more information on how to join our troop of amazing girls. 
Bridgette McNeal
Troop Leader – 16537
Troop Development Coordinator – Mill Creek Service Unit
Tips for Troop Leaders Contributor – GSUSA