Gwinnett Adult Athlete Special Olympics and Sports Options

Gwinnett Special Forces Special Olympics

We formed this organization to give Special Athletes the opportunity to have options for participating in Special Olympic sports through out the year. It’s all for them, the athletes, that is our main objective! We are accredited under Special Olympics Ga and are therefore governed by their rules and regulations and covered by their insurance umbrella. As of right now, we offer softball, basketball, bocce, volleyball, track and field, and soccer. We are a working together as a family.

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GMST stands for Gwinnett Masters Special Teams. GMST was formerly GMSO, which was in turn spun off from Gwinnett County Special Olympics. Gwinnett County Special Olympics now supports the school-age athletes and GMST supports the adult athletes.  Masters refers to athletes that are 22 and older. Athletes in the age range 16 to 21 are termed Seniors. Any Senior athlete can play up a level and participate with the Masters.  Athletes in other counties may participate with us.

What advantage(s) does GMST offer its members?
After leaving school, most adults with disabilities have no activities to participate in. GMST provides the opportunity for not only sports, but for athletes and families to socialize through banquets, road trips, etc. In fact the social aspect is often just as important for the parents and caregivers as for the athletes. Parents need to be thinking about and planning what happens to their son or daughter when they are gone. Talking this through with other parents in similar situations can be invaluable. In addition to informal socialization, there are meeting sessions provided by Greater Atlanta Pathways in which speakers in many areas are invited to come talk to the parents and caregivers.

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