Sources for Medical Marijuana Information

These are sources I have found through my research this year. There is so much to learn. I have found that liking the facebook sites have broken it down daily into small chunks with the support groups, businesses and information groups. Green had an educational summit with vendors and renown speakers. Some of the information here has come from that summit. Pass along.

Professionals learn more and earn CME credits through online programs:

Note: These categories are not strict as some have many objectives.
Many of the doctors and sites have YouTube educational videos.

Private Support Groups:

Pediatric Cannabis Therapy

CBD 4 Children with Epilepsy

Advocacy Groups

Hope United

Georgia’s Hope

Providers / Information:
Each product provider will help you with accurate dosing for their product. Call to order and speak to representative about your child’s specifics, ie. disability and weight.

Aunt Zelda’s

Realm of Caring
Charlotte’s Web – Colorado 24:1 CBD:THC specific ratio
CWHO – is not the same as the CW – shipping to all states

Haleigh’s Hope CBD oil

Jayden’s Juice

Kentucky Cannabis Company

Mary’s Medicinals

Palmetto Harmony

Information, Research and Support Groups

Cannabis Reports

Project CBD

Realm of Caring

Green Flower Media

Drug Policy Alliance DPA

Stanley Brothers

Constance Therapeutics

Patients Out of Time

Oaksterdam University

Safe Access Now

Dr. Deborah Malka

Dr. Bonnie Goldstein, CannaCenters Research California

Dr. Gregory Smith “Cannabis for Chronic Inflammatory Diseases – Cannabis is such a safe medicine.” You need to find the sweet spot of dosage – start low and go slow -”

Dr. Dustin Sulak “Create a More Effective Cannabis Dosing Strategy”

Lab – Donald Land, PhD, of Steep Hill “Why Cannabis Strains Affect People Differently”

Dr. Margaret Geddes

United Patients Group (read the about section – powerful healing story for cancer)

Disclaimer: I do not accept any legal responsibility for this information.

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