Will I Master Change or Will Change Master Me?

Life’s turning points is as sure as the tide
Just a matter of when, so why not decide
To embrace these transitions as ways to grow
‘Tis folly to ignore what you already know

Make a vow to adjust to the crises of life
There’s no reason to suffer more stress or strife
Quite often change becomes a blessing in time
While making you wiser in pursuit of your prime
No change is impossible, no one is exempt
You can step out in faith or shrug with contempt

But most things do change, it’s a natural law
You can believe this is truth or stand there in awe
It may be uncomfortable, it may cause pain—
Won’t a regretful heart be a greater strain?

With every change, there’s an outcome to bear
So accept the challenge, for life’s seldom fair
Be willing to risk and you’re bound to find
More courage and strength from a positive mind

Ah, life has turning points, they won’t disappear
Rise up to greet them and conquer your fear
The choice is simple, it’s as clear as can be:
Will I master change or will change master me?

By Dick Biggs