Logging Seizure or General Medication History

The seizure medication history log is very important to keep current. I use both methods listed below.

Take it to the doctor each time you visit. They ask every visit what meds and levels the child is on even though you think they should know. Also the history of meds helps to make decisions even when you think it will be just a routine checkup. Its hard to remember details quickly in a 15 minute visit without written backup.

Leave a copy of it with each your child’s doctors for their chart. It also helps to give a copy to the caregivers, grandparents, school nurse, or any one who would be responsible for your child.

Below are the headings for a table. Or view a sample table with information included by clicking on
Sample Seizure Medication History


Seizure Medication History:
Medication    Last     Dosage    Start Date    Stop Date      Reason On       Reason Off


Another really good way to do this is use a software program such as SeizureTracker that is also free. https://www.seizuretracker.com

This program has charts and tables by different data including time of day, medicine, type of seizure, etc.  You can video a seizure and track all the info needed for the event. This program data can also be shared with your doctor.