MOVING ON – How Big is Your Box?

How big is your box filled with IEPs, IFSPs, doctor’s notes, test copies, samples of work and more?

This morning I finally finished a long overdue project that was sitting by my desk for months. I had this big box of papers in binders that no longer fit in my new craft closet. It was time to move on.

Corey is in 5th grade this year with a wonderful teacher, parapro and friends. This is his last year of elementary school. I don’t know what next year will bring but I know looking back at all these papers that no matter what happens we’ll get through it.

There were so many battles fought in the past years. Most we won but some we are still working to win.

I started to write about the struggles and triumphs through the years but deleted them knowing you knew them all too well with your own story.

Going through the papers was like a rite of passage. It was a release and literal discard of issues that no longer matter and keeping those that did. It was a “pat on the back” saying good job for all the hard work that led to where we are today. It was amazing to see how far we have come with the school system and medical field, from difficult times to rewarding times. It was a scrapbook of all the people we have met through the years. The friends we have made, the helpers that lifted us up, the ones that challenged us, and the ones that taught us.

From a large box and many binders came many emotions. Now it is neatly reduced to one large binder and sits quietly on a shelf.

Written by Candice Lange